I am a writer, animal lover and reluctant exerciser. Childhood conditioning (an emotionally unavailable father, a younger brother with schizoaffective disorder) led me to develop various relationships throughout my life with increasingly difficult and narcissistic men, until I encountered the ultimate ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ personality, which although a traumatic experience forced me to finally make some necessary changes in my life and in myself.


Up until these books I had mostly written for other people throughout my career, never getting around to writing the book/s I had always intended to write. This series, The Love Games, came about almost by accident from journaling the painful moments throughout my final toxic relationship before I finally 'got the lesson' and moved on to attracting better people and situations into my life. It's ironic that such a painful experience would be the catalyst to finally making me sit down and write.


I share my own personal story in the hope of empowering others through witnessing the mistakes I made and the subsequent lessons I learned about relationships, boundaries, forgiveness and self love.

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