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Praise for 'The Love Games' Series...

5 stars An Absolute Must Read

By Amazon Customer on May 25, 2017

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Susan Williams 3 part book series is by far the most informative, real, and thorough description of narcissism and being in a relationship with a narcissist. She teaches the reader through her personal, heart wrenching, confusing experience. Yet she embraces the reader with understanding and acceptance. I personally felt like I had a friend walking alongside me in my journey, from beginning to end, with her years of experience and wisdom, rather than a scientific review of how the brain actually works for a narcissist. Many times throughout, I felt like she understood SO well that she had hacked my personal journal and mind. Her humor throughout her journey kept me engaged and eager to continue with ease!
Just a great series to read if you aren't quite sure if you are in a relationship with a narcissist or you are living daily with one and are feeling the effects of their damage.


Inside the World of a Narcissist (0.99 c)


Are you tired of lies, broken promises, cheating and emotional game playing?


Are you in a relationship so toxic that you're questioning your own sanity, yet can't seem to break away?

Have you changed from the happy, confident woman you used to be before you met him, feeling depressed, anxious and insecure?


That's my story too. That's life with a narcissist.


We live in a world of narcissism but how do you know if your partner really is a narcissist? Planet Ben is a true story where the reader is taken on my own journey as I enter Ben's narcissistic world believing I have met the man of my dreams, only to find out I am caught up in a fairytale nightmare. This book outlines the romantic beginning, the methods a narcissist uses to set the game up and the confusion and bewilderment that sets in as my ideal love begins to change from Mr Nice to Mr Nasty. Witness my struggle to understand what I am dealing with as the Jeckyll/Hyde character that inevitably manifests within a narcissistic relationship, makes his appearance through real life examples.


Along with insights into the narcissistic personality, Planet Ben offers suggestions on how to avoid making the same mistakes that I did and outlines your own personality traits that may be keeping you trapped within a narcissist’s dangerous game.




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